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Security is scarce in Oakland CA burglary is up 43% so far this year.

Security in Oakland CA is getting scarce . The Oakland Police Department reports more than 11,000 homes, cars, or businesses have been burglarized this year. Oakland California Police Department might have as few as 600 Police offices, 200 fewer Police than in 2008.  Oakland has 115 homicides so far this year. Five more murders than last year. The overall crime rate in Oakland California is up 23% from last year.

Burglaries grow and lack of security as Police Departments lose officers

Oakland CA Police Chief Hoard Jordan said, “The fact that we haven’t been able to address some of the proactive things that we should be doing as an agency is really hampering our efforts to address some of the crime problems… But with that being said, what I’ve been tasked to do and asked my commanders to do is look at some of the ways for us to free up officers in order to give them time to be proactive. I’m also reducing some of the positions in certain administrative functions in the department so that we can add more staff to our street level enforcement teams.”

Currently Oakland Police Department has about 625 Police Officers but in February they might be down to as little as 605 Police offices. “We are hiring officers as fast as we can, but that takes years,” said Councilwoman Libby Schaaf. “We need to start contracting with outside agencies like the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department to get more cops out on patrol now.”

Be proactive protect your family and property with a home security system

Unfortunately these types of stories are increasing. As cities and states fall short of revenue. You can protect yourself against the growing problem of home burglaries and property crime. Even though these criminals seem brazen. None of them wish to get caught and go to prison. An electronic security system will guard your home. When you are at home, sleeping or away. I know a customer who was sleeping. A burglar attempted to pry open her window. The alarm when off the burglar fled. Another customer had cash on a dresser in her bedroom. Her back door was kicked in while she was away. The alarm when off. Her cash was still on her dresser when she arrived home. The burglars did not move further into the house after the alarm went off.

Most burglars will not enter a home with a security company sign in the front and or back yard.  But those that do in my experience. Leave once the alarm goes off. Also the new systems have many features which can help you identify the assailant. Once identified the likely hood of crimes continuing is greatly reduced. If you have any evidence for the police it helps them do their job. Now you can add cameras to most security systems. The security systems cameras offer live feeds. And have limited recording capacity. The Simon XT has many features which security company employees are not aware of.

Simon XT Security System Latchkey function 

Use the latchkey feature to notify you, via a remote phone, if a family member does not arrive home at a predetermined time and disarm the system. When this feature is active, a latchkey alarm is reported if the premises are not disarmed by the programmed latchkey time. For example, if you set the latchkey time for 3:00 p.m. and the system is not disarmed by that time, a message is sent to your remote phone. The latchkey feature can be activated during arming if a latchkey time is programmed.

If you are in an area which has seen a spike in burglaries or live near one. Consider a home security system. Wether you are a home owner or renter call FrontPoint Security. The people at FrontPoint Security are extremely helpful. They are there to answer your questions. They will not put you on a list and make endless phone calls. They do not have any sales people who will ever knock on your door. FrontPoint Security BBB review

Call FrontPoint Security to help get peace of mind. 

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