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  • Monitored plans start at $19.99/month
  • No Installations Fees
  • No Activation Fees
  • Landline, Broadband, or Cellular Monitoring
  • Control Panel 
  • Remote Access Available
  • Wireless
Protect America’s updated their image and has the largest selection of new packages with different features. We feel it’s a great company with unbeatable pricing, great equipment, and awesome service. They offer Smoke Detectors, Medical Panic Alert, and more. Their systems provide Complete Home Control, and each system is custom-built.  Protect America’s cellular systems with remote access allows you to arm your system, conserve energy, and control lights anytime through your computer, smartphone, iPad. They offer Landline, Broadband, and Cellular monitoring 24/7. All equipment comes with a Lifetime Replacement Parts Warranty.
Bottom Line: Protect America offers the most equipment for the money. Their monitoring rates are very low, no equipment costs and plenty of sensors for most any home. All systems offer one motion detector, at no cost, plus between 3 to 15 free door/window sensors depending on the package. Also, they have no activation or connection fees. Nobody else gives you that much quality equipment at no cost.

Last Updated 4/8/2017

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