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Security Holiday Checklist
…and Money Saving Secrets!

Security Holiday Checklist The Time Is Here!

Security systems get tested during holiday season, due to the inevitable spike in burglaries and break-ins. Are you ready? We created a checklist for the holidays to make sure you have a secure home. (If you don’t already have home protection, we recommend you contact the best home security company – Front Point Security for a free quote! 1-855-436-2404

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Holiday Home Security Tips

  • Fresh batteries
  • Replace broken bulbs
  • Install storm windows
  • Replace screen doors with storm doors
  • Check all equipment
  • See when your home security contract ends
  • Is it time to upgrade?

Replace Batteries

Home security starts with fresh batteries. If you are hearing a constant low-grade beep from your alarm system, most likely you need to replace the battery. The Duracell 3-volt batteries are good for most Honeywell and GE wireless systems.

Video: How to Change Sensor Batteries

How to Change Motion-Detector Batteries

Replace or Install Lights

A good home protection tip is to keep the outside of your home well-lit at night, specially if you are away for the holidays. Most burglaries occur during the day, but it never hurts to have a well-lit exterior perimeter around doors and easily accessible windows.

Looking for an upgrade? Try these excellent motion-sensor lights: Wireless Motion Sensor Light – 10 Super-Bright LED

Put in Storm Windows

Change out your screen windows to storm for the winter. Not only will you save on heating bill, but they also make it more difficult for the bad guys to get in.

Remove Screen Doors

If you have storm doors, put them up now before the winter holidays. If you can get a dead-bolt on your storm doors do. It’s one more level of protection.

Call Your Home Security Company for Upgrade
(or contact FrontPoint Security for a Brand-New System 1-855-436-2404)

I speak with people regularly who tell me that a piece of equipment for their home security system has not been working for months and they have been meaning to call. “Oh the back door sensor hasn’t been working so we just don’t turn it on anymore.”

” You are paying for the system monthly,” I would remind them. “Why not get it to work properly?”

“We haven’t had the time.”

It always surprises me, but life happens. Take the time now before the rush of the holidays hits you to get your home security systems working properly.

Save Money with these Insider Home Security Tips

Here is an industry insider secret which might save you a bunch of money, and upgrade your system for FREE!  If you have an older home security system, it probably  needs an upgrade or has equipment that is not working. Check your contract to see if it’s expired (most alarm company contracts are 3 years). If you are out-of-contract, call competing home security companies  and see if they will do two things:

1) Upgrade your home alarm system for free

2) Lower your monthly monitoring rate

Nine times out of ten you will be able to do this. If you have an older home security system, you might also be able to get the newest popular model and even a cellular alarm monitoring upgrade, which can include remote home controls like lights and thermostat.

1) The cellular alarm monitoring upgrade makes your home more secure and not dependent on the telephone lines (in case of a hurricane or other disaster).

2) With the cellular alarm monitoring upgrade you do not need your land-line (Which could save you money.)

3) The cellular alarm monitoring allows remote access, a through smart phone, laptop, or computer!

I’ve spoken with customers who are paying between $14 to $50  per month for a land-line. If you are paying over $20 a month for a land-line that you rarely/never use, you can save money by switching over to cellular alarm monitoring.

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Last Updated 7/29/2013

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Security is scarce in Oakland CA burglary is up 43% so far this year.

Security in Oakland CA is getting scarce . The Oakland Police Department reports more than 11,000 homes, cars, or businesses have been burglarized this year. Oakland California Police Department might have as few as 600 Police offices, 200 fewer Police than in 2008.  Oakland has 115 homicides so far this year. Five more murders than last year. The overall crime rate in Oakland California is up 23% from last year.

Burglaries grow and lack of security as Police Departments lose officers

Oakland CA Police Chief Hoard Jordan said, “The fact that we haven’t been able to address some of the proactive things that we should be doing as an agency is really hampering our efforts to address some of the crime problems… But with that being said, what I’ve been tasked to do and asked my commanders to do is look at some of the ways for us to free up officers in order to give them time to be proactive. I’m also reducing some of the positions in certain administrative functions in the department so that we can add more staff to our street level enforcement teams.”

Currently Oakland Police Department has about 625 Police Officers but in February they might be down to as little as 605 Police offices. “We are hiring officers as fast as we can, but that takes years,” said Councilwoman Libby Schaaf. “We need to start contracting with outside agencies like the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department to get more cops out on patrol now.”

Be proactive protect your family and property with a home security system

Unfortunately these types of stories are increasing. As cities and states fall short of revenue. You can protect yourself against the growing problem of home burglaries and property crime. Even though these criminals seem brazen. None of them wish to get caught and go to prison. An electronic security system will guard your home. When you are at home, sleeping or away. I know a customer who was sleeping. A burglar attempted to pry open her window. The alarm when off the burglar fled. Another customer had cash on a dresser in her bedroom. Her back door was kicked in while she was away. The alarm when off. Her cash was still on her dresser when she arrived home. The burglars did not move further into the house after the alarm went off.

Most burglars will not enter a home with a security company sign in the front and or back yard.  But those that do in my experience. Leave once the alarm goes off. Also the new systems have many features which can help you identify the assailant. Once identified the likely hood of crimes continuing is greatly reduced. If you have any evidence for the police it helps them do their job. Now you can add cameras to most security systems. The security systems cameras offer live feeds. And have limited recording capacity. The Simon XT has many features which security company employees are not aware of.

Simon XT Security System Latchkey function 

Use the latchkey feature to notify you, via a remote phone, if a family member does not arrive home at a predetermined time and disarm the system. When this feature is active, a latchkey alarm is reported if the premises are not disarmed by the programmed latchkey time. For example, if you set the latchkey time for 3:00 p.m. and the system is not disarmed by that time, a message is sent to your remote phone. The latchkey feature can be activated during arming if a latchkey time is programmed.

If you are in an area which has seen a spike in burglaries or live near one. Consider a home security system. Wether you are a home owner or renter call FrontPoint Security. The people at FrontPoint Security are extremely helpful. They are there to answer your questions. They will not put you on a list and make endless phone calls. They do not have any sales people who will ever knock on your door. FrontPoint Security BBB review

Call FrontPoint Security to help get peace of mind. 

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by JohnEBase Published: Nov 29, 2012 

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Bosch Security Camera

Business Security Quick Easy Guild

Business security is changing. New technology’s altering what’s expected from small and large business systems. Local and national companies are offering security for businesses with options which were price prohibitive only a few years ago. Retail stores, office’s, restaurant’s and other commercial locals are able to buy GSM cellular monitored alarm systems, with remote access via smart phone, iPad, laptop, or computer. These robust systems are offering features not found in landline systems. GSM cellular monitoring is now available nationwide. Anywhere there is cellular service.

Not long ago a company paid a premium to be called and informed if their alarm systems were operated after hours, on weekends, holidays, whenever the location’s closed and employees/customers are not expected to be present. Today via remote access applications such as an owner or manager can observe in real time multiple localtions anywhere in the world through thier smarphone laptops, desktops, iPads or anymost any mobile device at most times no extra charge.

Business security needs vary. Employee theft, physical security, security cameras, building security, business assets, data security, all should be taken into consideration when determining appropriate security measures. Today security options are many. Most security companies offer security solutions service in every region, of every state, across the country.

Todays Security Systems are less expensive and offer more features. Affordable security systems have abilities, which would have been science fiction, five years ago.  And the biggest change in the Security Industry, in the past 30 years, is happening now!

GSM cellular Security Systems for Business Security

GSM cellular systems made by GE Security or Honeywell are offered by most national security companies. ADT Pulse is a GSM cellular system. All FrontPoint security systems are GSM cellular systems. Honeywell just came out with a new improved 4G GSM (Global Systems for Mobile Communications) . GE security is coming out with some new equipment sometime in 2013. Ge security’s Simon XT and Concord are great products are offered GSM cellular abilities.The Simon XT and Concord offer smash and grab protection with GSM cellular monitoring.

business security What is GSM cellular technology? Basically the alarm system has its own cell phone. A component looks like a circuit board with a cell phone antenna. is place in the control panel   Major benefits,remote access, live video feed, text alerts. You can add the GSM component to most existing alarm systems. You will need a technician to do this. Usually it will take an hour or two but there are times it can take longer. If you have an existing system it can be upgraded. GSM cellular alarm systems are great business security products for many reasons. GSM cellular systems are also great for home security systems.

GSM cellular systems are more secure, robust systems, not dependent on local landline or phone networks

Recently burglars are cutting phone lines throughout the country on commercial security systems as well as residential. It is unlikely it will happen to you. But it is happening. If you have a traditional security system and the landline is cut. Your system can not communicate with the outside world. In Sandy’s aftermath parts of New Jersey, New York, Long Island had no land-line phone service for weeks. Sandy left thousands of businesses vulnerable, without firewalls. Their security barriers down. All because their telephone lines were damaged. And no signal could be sent to the monitoring stations.

If your Business Security System uses GSM cellular technology. Your independent business will be protected in case a burglar cuts a telephone line. Or if the telephone network is down due to unforeseen natural occurrences, weather, natural disasters, etc. There is a chance the cell network could go down but its much less likely than the landline. Cell service will be up faster. Sandy disrupted the Cell service in New York City for a day or two. It made front page news. Land lines are still out in Long Island New York weeks later.

GSM cellular Security systems has the ability to access your security system remotely. Through a smart phone, laptop, or computer virtually anywhere in the world.

Both GE Security and Honeywell offer apps which enables the user to access the security system remotely. Using a smart phone, Laptop, or Computer a business owner can turn on or off the system.  This is a huge step forward in business security. Most security companies use GE Security, or Honeywell equipment. Equipment includes doors sensors, keypads, motion detectors, smoke detectors, Keyfobs, and security cameras. Apps allow the user to access the security alarm systems remotely. GE SEcurity uses, Honeywell, Total Connect.

“Total Connect” for Honeywell is great for business security. It allows you to manage multiple locations through one interface. The user can be sent text alerts if the system is armed or disarmed during specific hours. Inside the Total Connect app there is a calendar. It can be set for specific days of the weeks and hours. The user can receive a text message if the system is armed, disarmed, the motion detection cameras sense movement or the alarm is triggered. Both and “Total Connect” allow streaming video if you have a security cameras incorporated into the system. Expect to pay extra for any security camera systems.  Most monthly monitoring rates increases if you have a security camera system. and “Total Connect” will not be able to replace a 4 to 8 security camera DVR system. If you need all day recording these systems will not be able to accomplish the task. But for live viewing, motion alerts, and short video records, they are perfect.

Security Companies which offer GSM cellular Systems with or “Total Connect”

Most security company offers GE Security  or Honeywell Security Products. FrontPoint security offers GE Security’s Simon XT all with GSM cellular. Some areas will not receive cell coverage. All GSM cellular security systems use ATT Mobile. You might get great Verizon coverage, but not ATT Mobile. If you are in a rural area you might not receive a strong signal. I have a secret which works.

This website Cell Phone Tower is awesome! They have taken towers registered with the FCC. It’s connected to Google Maps to see towers within your area. If you have poor ATT Mobile coverage in your area. Find the nearest cell tower and contact the owner. Tell them you want them to put a ATT Mobile on their tower.

Here is another site Find the owner of the cell tower contact them. Tell them they can get more revenue if they get ATT Mobile on their tower. Its worked for me and friends I know.

Call the numbers below. Ask the security consultant about the systems they offer. Tell them your concerns about security threats. Security experts should be able to help you determine your security risks. Make a security assessment. And help you build the right business security systems for your needs.

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