Who Offers the Best Home Security Systems For Renters?

by Johnny Base Published 8/1/2013

Home Security Systems For Renters are available and FrontPoint Security offers the best value on the market today!

Home Security Systems For Renters

Thirty five percent of the country is renting. This statistic is currently at an eighteen year high. This year 2015 Violent Crime has gone up and Property Crime is up twelve percent. Unfortunately in some rental properties crime rates are higher than your average residential communities. People who rent have different priorities than homeowners. They are not confined to one place for a prolonged period. They have more freedom, than homeowners. They can move easily for work, family, or other reasons. But that doesn’t make them any less concerned about safety.

Renters need flexibility when it comes to their home security. They need a wireless system. One they can move when they wish. And they need a company which will give them great support when moving.

Often renters are 100% cellular households, with no landline. Many folks today renters and homeowners are not interested in purchasing landline phones. If everyone in the family has a cell phone what’s the point?

There is only one home security company which offers 100% wireless systems & 100% cellular systems, it’s FrontPoint Security. They offer text and e-mail alerts straight to your cell phone, with Alarm.com the safest remote app on the market. Also FrontPoint has the best customer support out of any security company.

Currently their cellular monitoring is the best priced in the industry. We don’t know how long that will last so if you are a renter and thinking about home security. It’s best you contact them right away. Their rates could go up at any time and then you’ll miss out great deal.

FrontPoint Offers The Best Alarm Systems For Renters

  • The Most Robust Equipment Available 100% GE Security Equipment
  • Simon XT Control Panel 100% Wireless 
  • Best Customer Service Anywhere
  • Best Pricing for 100% Cellular Systems
  • Lowest Complaints With The BBB
  • Highest Rating on AngiesList.com

Alarm Systems For Renters, Whose The Best?

FrontPoint Security offers the best value for apartment home security. We contacted the most popular security systems for renters and homeowners. We spoke with their salespeople, technicians, and customers support. We reviewed BBB complaints, ratings, government actions.  We reviewed equipment, contracts, warranties, and monitoring stations. We are home security experts. We know the industry. Based on everything we reviewed. We’ve concluded FrontPoint offers the value of any home security system. Whether a homeowner or renter.

FrontPoint Security Offers the best home security for renters. Here’s Why

  • GE Security Equipment -Simon XT
  • 100% Cellular Monitoring (safest most secure monitoring available) 
  • 100% Wireless (simple & easy installation)
  • Offers Remote Access
  • Offers Z-wave Technology (home automation)
  • Best Customer Support Hands Down
  • NO Roll Over Contracts
  • Video Cameras with live video feed to smart phone, laptop, iPad, computer

FrontPoints customer service is simply the best. The company’s focus, distinguishing themselves the best compared to the rest. They make self installation so easy. I met a 67-year-old woman who installed a system herself with the help of the customer service over the phone. She loves the fact she installed it herself. “No strangers ever came to my house”

Protect your children after they’ve left the nest. Protect personal property. Keep your family safe no matter where you live. Apartment home security is available to everyone!

I recently met a young woman who lives off campus with three other girls. They rent in a mid size city with its challenges. Burglaries are common. I told her she could get a security systems for renters. She’s surprised and very excited to learn the good news. College safety is very important. Do you have adult children in college? You can protect them now, and have peace of mind they will be safe.

Most people are not aware security systems for renters is available nationally. FrontPoint Security and Protect America offers alarm systems for renters everywhere. In every state, town, city, rural areas. Renting out in the country? You can now be protected. Best part is, if you move, take the system with you. No matter where you are. You have peace of mind.

Thanks to FrontPoint Security renters can have peace of mind just like a homeowner!

For apartment home security or an alarm system for renters call FrontPoint Security NOW! 1-855-436-2403


Updated 10-26-2013