simon xt with cellular monitoring

Xfinity Security VS FrontPoint Security Winner FrontPoint Security! Xfinity Home Security VS FrontPoint Security who’s the winner? FrontPoint Security and here’s why. FrontPoint Equipment FrontPoint Security Only security company I know which offers a 30-Day, 100% Risk-FREE Trial! GE Interlogix Equipment (US Company thirty years experience in home security) 100% Cellular Monitoring which is not vulnerable […]

Security Holiday Checklist …and Money Saving Secrets! Security Holiday Checklist The Time Is Here! Security systems get tested during holiday season, due to the inevitable spike in burglaries and break-ins. Are you ready? We created a checklist for the holidays to make sure you have a secure home. (If you don’t already have home protection, we recommend you contact the best […]


Security is scarce in Oakland CA burglary is up 43% so far this year. Security in Oakland CA is getting scarce . The Oakland Police Department reports more than 11,000 homes, cars, or businesses have been burglarized this year. Oakland California Police Department might have as few as 600 Police offices, 200 fewer Police than in […]

Business Security Quick Easy Guild Business security is changing. New technology’s altering what’s expected from small and large business systems. Local and national companies are offering security for businesses with options which were price prohibitive only a few years ago. Retail stores, office’s, restaurant’s and other commercial locals are able to buy GSM cellular monitored alarm systems, […]