Security Holiday Checklist
…and Money Saving Secrets!

Security Holiday Checklist The Time Is Here!

Security systems get tested during holiday season, due to the inevitable spike in burglaries and break-ins. Are you ready? We created a checklist for the holidays to make sure you have a secure home. (If you don’t already have home protection, we recommend you contact the best home security company – Front Point Security for a free quote! 1-855-436-2404

Home Security Systems

Holiday Home Security Tips

  • Fresh batteries
  • Replace broken bulbs
  • Install storm windows
  • Replace screen doors with storm doors
  • Check all equipment
  • See when your home security contract ends
  • Is it time to upgrade?

Replace Batteries

Home security starts with fresh batteries. If you are hearing a constant low-grade beep from your alarm system, most likely you need to replace the battery. The Duracell 3-volt batteries are good for most Honeywell and GE wireless systems.

Video: How to Change Sensor Batteries

How to Change Motion-Detector Batteries

Replace or Install Lights

A good home protection tip is to keep the outside of your home well-lit at night, specially if you are away for the holidays. Most burglaries occur during the day, but it never hurts to have a well-lit exterior perimeter around doors and easily accessible windows.

Looking for an upgrade? Try these excellent motion-sensor lights: Wireless Motion Sensor Light – 10 Super-Bright LED

Put in Storm Windows

Change out your screen windows to storm for the winter. Not only will you save on heating bill, but they also make it more difficult for the bad guys to get in.

Remove Screen Doors

If you have storm doors, put them up now before the winter holidays. If you can get a dead-bolt on your storm doors do. It’s one more level of protection.

Call Your Home Security Company for Upgrade
(or contact FrontPoint Security for a Brand-New System 1-855-436-2404)

I speak with people regularly who tell me that a piece of equipment for their home security system has not been working for months and they have been meaning to call. “Oh the back door sensor hasn’t been working so we just don’t turn it on anymore.”

” You are paying for the system monthly,” I would remind them. “Why not get it to work properly?”

“We haven’t had the time.”

It always surprises me, but life happens. Take the time now before the rush of the holidays hits you to get your home security systems working properly.

Save Money with these Insider Home Security Tips

Here is an industry insider secret which might save you a bunch of money, and upgrade your system for FREE!  If you have an older home security system, it probably  needs an upgrade or has equipment that is not working. Check your contract to see if it’s expired (most alarm company contracts are 3 years). If you are out-of-contract, call competing home security companies  and see if they will do two things:

1) Upgrade your home alarm system for free

2) Lower your monthly monitoring rate

Nine times out of ten you will be able to do this. If you have an older home security system, you might also be able to get the newest popular model and even a cellular alarm monitoring upgrade, which can include remote home controls like lights and thermostat.

1) The cellular alarm monitoring upgrade makes your home more secure and not dependent on the telephone lines (in case of a hurricane or other disaster).

2) With the cellular alarm monitoring upgrade you do not need your land-line (Which could save you money.)

3) The cellular alarm monitoring allows remote access, a through smart phone, laptop, or computer!

I’ve spoken with customers who are paying between $14 to $50  per month for a land-line. If you are paying over $20 a month for a land-line that you rarely/never use, you can save money by switching over to cellular alarm monitoring.

Call Front Point Security NOW ! 1-855-436-2404

Last Updated 7/29/2013

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