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Cellular Monitoring is the most secure monitoring available!

Cellular alarm monitoring is the most robust monitoring because your security system is not dependent on the telephone land-line or telephone network to communicate to your monitoring station. Nationally there has been a noticeable trend of criminals cutting telephone lines of homes with security systems. It’s unlikely a burglar cuts your home’s telephone line, yet it’s been happening across the country. If you have a telephone line based system, and your phone line’s cut. Your alarm system will not communicate with the outside world (your monitoring station)

If your telephone network  disrupted from a storm.  Like what happened in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut after hurricane S
andy. Your telephone network could be down for weeks if not months. The only way to avoid such a disruption and make sure your alarm system is still communicating with your monitoring station is to have a system with secure cellular monitoring.

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Cellular Monitoring Or GSM Systems (Global System for Mobile Communications)

Secure cellular network monitoring means your alarm system communicates to the monitoring station through the cellular network (cell towers) instead of through telephone land-lines (telephone polls). There are three major advantages for your home security system to have cellular monitoring.

  1. Your home alarm system is more secure, which is the most important reason to choose cellular monitoring. Your system’s not dependant on your telephone land-line.  Therefore a burglar can cut your phone-line (which is a trend happening nationally) and your system with cellular monitoring will still be able to communicate to your monitoring station through the cell towers. Also if a storm were to come through like hurricane Sandy and disrupt the telephone land-line network your home would not be vulnerable if your home protection system had cellular monitoring.
  2. You don’t need a land-line with cellular monitoring. Many people choose secure cellular network monitoring because everyone in the family has a cell phone and the family does not wish to get a land line just for their home protection system. For this reason many families save money by purchasing a system which has cellular monitoring.
  3. Cellular monitored systems come with the newest technology which allows you to control your system anywhere in the world remotely. You’ve seen the commercials where someone is arming their home protection system with a smart phone laptop or computer. It’s through the apps which come with this newest technology in the security industry in the past 30 years. View the video below which talks about Alarm.com with comes with cellular monitoring systems like Frontpoint security.


Do not get cellular monitoring confused with wireless security systems.

ADT Security, FrontPoint Security, Protect America, Vivint, Pinnacle Security, Protection One, and Xfinity Security all offer wireless security systems. They do not all offer 100% cellular monitoring. Only FrontPoint Security offers 100% cellular Monitoring with all their security systems.

A Wireless home security system is not necessarily a system which has cellular alarm monitoring.

A wireless home security system simply means the sensors have a wireless radio receiver chip in the sensor (door sensor, motion detector, smoke detector). The alarm system communicates to the sensors wirelessly. So with a wireless home security system there will be no wires connecting the sensors to the keypad or control panel. Many people prefer wireless home security systems to hardwired systems because there is no drilling or running wires through a home.

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Updated 10-19-2013