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Honeywell Security Vs. GE Security: Which is Best?

Honeywell Security VS GE Security

GE Security Wins!

Honeywell Security Lynx 5100 VS GE Security Simon XT 

Honeywell Security Vs GE Security

Honeywell or GE? Which is Best Security System for Home?

Honeywell Security & GE Security are the home security manufactures which have proven themselves dependable and reliable for the past 30 years. The majority of installed home security systems throughout the country made by either GE Security or Honeywell Security. All homes security systems have three components:

        • Hardware equipment (Ge Security, Honeywell, Bosch security, Toshiba, etc)
        • Service Provider (ADT, Frontpoint, Protect America, Vivint, etc)
        • Monitoring Station (ADT, Monitronics, Vector Security, etc)

Each component is equally important. Yet the hardware is what will being staying in your home even if you change service providers, or monitoring stations. So you should use the best.

These two home security companies offer hardware for the majority of home alarm systems in the United States and North America, regardless of your security provider. But which home security company makes the best home security system for home protection in 2015? Between the Lynx 5100 and the Simon XT, the Simon XT wins!

Both GE Security and Honeywell Security are:

  • Manufacturers of home security systems for more than 30 years.
  • Involved in defense, aerospace, and aviation.
  • Trusted names and proven equipment for home security systems as well as businesses nationwide.

Whether you use FrontpointProtect AmericaADT, Brinks, Broadview, America One, Vivint, or Vector Securities, you will most likely have a Honeywell or GE security systems. There are other companies , of course, but none have the support and technician familiarity than the two industry leaders. The truth is, if  you want the most reliable and best security system for home defense, they are really the only game in town.

All Honeywell’s Lynx Models Manufactured Prior To August 2012 Are Vulnerable to Crash and Smash

Honeywell Lynx home security systems manufactured prior to August 2012 have a dangerous vulnerability! They are easily disarmed by an intruder simply by bashing their all-in-one Lynx models with a hard object or pulling it off the wall – aka “crash and smash”. It wasn’t until very recently that Honeywell home security systems addressed this problem.

I became aware of home security systems “crash and smash” vulnerability at a security industry seminar. It was June 2012. A rep for Honeywell said, “The best defense I ever saw for the lynx vulnerability was done by a clever technician. The technician packed 15 extra feet of wire into the wall where he installed a Lynx. A burglar came in and pulled the lynx off the wall. He kept pulling-and-pulling and finally fled and left the lynx on the floor with its wires still intact to the back of the keypad.”

  • All Lynx systems purchased prior to August 2012 are defeated by crash and smash.
  • Only Lynx 5100’s purchased after August 2012 are safe.
  • Newer Lynx 5100’s must use cellular monitoring to avoid being disabled by crash and smash.

However, GE Security’s Simon XT wireless systems are PROTECTED from crash and smash. This includes models prior to 2012. Anyone who owns a Lynx All-In-One home security system before 2012 needs to know this weakness. We highly recommend if you have a All-In-One Honeywell Lynx purchased prior to August 2012 you replace it ASAP!



Simon Xt can be Hardwired and wireless!

Hardwire Capability for Security Systems
An Important Factor to Consider

When choosing the  best home security system protection, wired vs. wireless is also something to think about. Many people choose a wireless home security system because of the convenience and ease of setup. But, if your home has an existing security system, it would be best to use a home alarm system which can use the existing wiring and/or sensors.

  • The Simon XT can use both wireless and hardwired sensors with their home alarm systems.
  • The Lynx 5100 can only use wireless sensors with their home alarm systems.

Hard-wired systems are very robust and desirable because they have the least maintenance, partly because battery issues are not a factor. (If your home is hard-wired, and if you wish to use existing hard-wired sensors, we do not recommend anyone do a self-install: hire a qualified technician instead.)



Alarm.com (GE Simon XT) Vs. Total Connect (Honeywell Lynx 5100)

Most modern home alarm systems have home management options. The future is here now. Home alarm systems have merged with cellular technology, the internet, and functioning apps. These features turn security systems into more home management systems which keep your home secure.

All GE Simon XT cellular monitoring systems come with Alarm.com. Alarm.com is an app that allows remote access, text alerts, live video feeds and other features such as energy management and automation. Alarm.com has been offering remote access to home security systems since 2000. They have been in the market the longest of all remote access apps. Also the “Remote Access Applications” business is all the do. “Total Connect” is a division of Honeywell Security. Every other app on the market is a side business of some security company, not Alarm.com. Alarm.com is a stand alone remote access company which has recently passed the million customer mark. No other remote access application comes close to the number of customers as Alarm.com. And we have spoken with the people at Alarm.com. They are using their data to constantly improve their security and products. No other company comes close to the amount of money Alarm.com commits to research and development. They are continually test their systems to improve their security and develop more cutting edge applications and products. You can only get Alam.com with a Simon XT security System!

Honeywell has an app called   “Total Connect” that offers remote access between your smartphone or computer to your home. Total Connect offers text alerts and live video feeds as well. Total Connect is a fine home or business management system. You can view multiple locations on one account.

Alarm.com is considered a more robust remote access app, since it’s been around since 2000. Honeywell Total Connect has recently added features, but is still playing “catch up” in terms of overall acceptance and functionality.

WINNER: Alarm.com/GE Simon XT

 simon xt home security system all in onefrontpoint security five star rating

Winner Hands Down Is The GE Security Simon XT!

We feel for the above reasons Ge Security Simon XT is the superior choice for a All-In-One Home Security System. 

  • All GE Simon XT’s are Smash And Grab Immune! 
  • GE Simon XT Can Be Hardwired Or Wireless 
  • GE Security been making home security systems for more than 30 years!
  • GE Simon XT only use Alarm.com remote application the best in the business! 
  • GE Simon XT is the best security system for home safety – the facts prove it.

FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint Security only uses GE Security’s Simon XT and Alarm.com remote app. With Frontpoint you never have strangers in your home. It’s simple and easy to install. It’s so simple I met a 67 widower who installed FrontPoint in her home. He told me she loves the Simon XT System she received from FrontPoint security. Its was simple for her to install. And she said the best part was she never had a stranger in her home. Which is very important to her being a widower.



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