Best Home Security Systems 2015

#1 FrontPoint Security Wins!

  • Starting at $34.99/month
  • Fire Protection
  • 100% Wireless & Cellular
  • 30 Day 100% Risk-Free Trial

No strangers (salesperson or installers) ever come into your home, easy DIY install.

Safest Mobile App

We feel FrontPoint offers the safest way to connect yourself to your home through remote app.

FrontPoint is 100% Cellular and does not go through your IP address.

protect america home security

Lowest Price Guaranteed
Simon XT Control Panel

Detailed Review
  • Starting at $19.99/month
  • Lowest Price Guaranteed
  • No Equipment Fees!
  • Interlogix Simon XT

Best Overall Value
No other company gives you as much equipment for the price. If you have a large home or want a sensor on every window and door in your home you can not find a better price or better equipment.

frontpoint security

Government Action
Salesperson & Installer

  • Starting at $28.99/month
  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 36 month contract

ADT Huge Company  

ADT is a bit overpriced and has a number of BBB complaints and Government Actions.

  • Starting at $24.99
  • A+ Rated BBB
  • Intrusion Protection

  • Starting at $53.99
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Smoke Detector

  • Starting at $29.95
  • Too Many BBB Complaints
  • New to the Security Industry

Protection 1
Good Company with many happy customers, worth a look.

Vivint Home Security
Very expensive but it has all the bells and whistles

Xfinity Security
100% wireless with Cellular Monitoring and remote app.

Reviews From Home Security Experts

We are home security experts. We have been in the homes of customers with new and old security systems. We’ve heard their experiences with companies good and bad. We regularly go to home security trade shows, call and interview home security providers, and manufacturers. Based on our experiences, clients out in the field, interactions with other security experts, and us contacting each company going through the motions as if we were potential customers. We have a good understanding who is knowledgeable, using the best equipment, not forcing their customers into poor contracts, or bullying them with pushy salespeople. We only recommend companies we know are servicing their customers, offering great support, the best equipment and remote apps. We are here to save you time money and aggravation. We can not guarantee you are going to be totally satisfied with who we recommend but the odds should be in your favor.

Best Control Panel And Remote App

Interlogix’s Simon XT Control Panel Remote App

Pro or Con
  • FrontPoint
User Rating: 4.5 (2 votes)